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Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to Cease Operations

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Fawn Release

Learn about Great Horned Owls

Great Horned Owl This year at NWRC we have seen a lot of Great - Horned Owl patients. Many were hit by cars and some were the victims of rodent poisoning as they prey upon and eat mice/rats that have ingested the rodenticide.

We had one owlet come in this year that was actually able to be re-nested with its parents! We had never done this before and were so excited to have the baby be back in the wild in a make - shift nest. The parents were waiting for her when we arrived and took her back right away - it was a really neat experience.

As we are heading into fall and winter, there will be more rodenticides out, so please remember to keep an eye out for anything abnormal in any animal, but especially raptors. Common signs of the poisoning are: Lethargy, unable to fly, dehydration, fluffed feathers and bleeding from any open orifice. Feel to call us anytime for advice!

What We Do

Tucked near the woods on the Nooksack River in the small Western Washington town of Deming, the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation receives and treats hundreds of native wild animals every year. Run entirely by donation, the center operates under lead rehabilitator and lone staffer Alysha Elsby. With a team of seasonal interns and volunteers year round, Elsby and the people who dedicate their time and lives to the center help save the lives of native wildlife that have been injured, abandoned, are sick, or disoriented.


Our Mission

Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.  Our goal is to return healthy wild animals back to their habitats.

Established in 2000, Northwest Wildlife admits over 900 animals a year and answers over 3500 calls from the community annually. Our rehabilitation center is located just outside of Bellingham, Washington.